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Ledger of Death Цена покупки:20 Цена продажи:-
Ledger of Death

A book containing names, used by the agents of death. There are times when the book of the dead is circulated in this world because they have dropped the book in the realm of the living. There are tons of names written in here, and there seems to be names of people you might know well... It says Holg... .
MATK + 15%, STR + 3, INT + 3, LUK - 20.
Add a 0.2% chance of auto casting Coma effect on DemiHuman monster.
Attack Speed increased depending on the refinement rate of this weapon.
[Sage, Professor]
If equipped by a Sage or a Professor and should they attack, there is a small chance to cause damage and Curse status ailment to every enemies in the screen they are in.
Тип : Book
Атака : 137
Вес : 100
Элемент : Neutral
Уровень оружия : 4
Требуемый уровень : 85
Профессия : Priest, Sage, Star Gladiator

Код: { bonus bMatkRate,15; bonus bStr,3; bonus bInt,3; bonus bLuk,-20; bonus2 bWeaponComaRace,RC_DemiHuman,10; bonus bAspdRate,getrefine(); if(BaseJob == Job_Sage) bonus3 bAutoSpell,"NPC_HELLJUDGEMENT",5,20; }{}{}
Вес: 100 Необходимый пол: Неважно
Атака:137 Защита:
Уровень оружия:4 Мин. уровень персонажа:85

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